Healthy food for busy people

Snap was established on the principle that real food should be convenient and delicious, and we live for making healthy meals that people are excited to eat.

snap-coocking food snap-coocking food

Culinary expertise

Lorena Basteris

Director of Culinary

Sam Presicci

Corporate & Marketing Dietitian

Lyndsey Kohn

Lead Registered Dietitian

Born in Texas, available nationwide

Proudly founded in 2010 in Austin, TX, Snap Kitchen provides healthy, handmade meals for busy people. Available in stores and online.

snap-coocking food

We're mission driven

For over 10 years we’ve been focused on helping to make healthy easy for everyone.

We’ve been giving back since day one

We have donated over 3 million meals to local charities since our inception in 2010.

Sustainability matters

Every bit of our packaging is recyclable; the bag, the liners, gel packs, meal containers and lids.

Let’s change the world, one meal at a time

We’re always on the lookout for new partnerships to help drive our mission.